Just by sitting in front of a digital device, one can access one or multiple places without experiencing the journey in between. You can get food without grocery shopping; go to school or work without walking in the streets or taking any form of traffic commute. The idea of place is not limited to physical location, but also involve social and emotional attachment. As it is possible to bond with multiple friends at the same time in digital chatrooms, physical connections such as a simple hug seem to be a squander of time. 


The Internet distorts our perception of time and space by hyperlinking the "points"; the arrival and  the departure, the origin and the destination, the beginning and the end. All of the in-between moments are waived as if they are diverting from a main purpose. However, all of the moments in between, despite their potential to be repetitive are certainly not superfluous; they are the most honest reflections of our living. 


Waiving these moments suggests the opposition of happenings and encounters. All of the experiences that we are able to experience

– the ecstasy, drowning misery – are as memorable as the breathing stillness, the touch, the sees, the mundanity.

8. floaters, an internet archive of in between moments

When the everyday disappears, will it vanish without a trace – without nostalgia or weight – or simply cease to be something that we let ourselves be blind to? Can it become something we can cherish?

The Floaters exists as an alternative to the current conditions of shared digital experience by way of emphasizing the moments in life that we often take for granted

It celebrates the pieces of reality that make up the majority of our lived experiences, instead of focusing on the often-imagined exception to the everyday. 


By navigating and composing a crowdsourced response to these in between moments, a new collective digital experience of the everyday starts to merge. Hopefully, this can be a space for you to trace back to moments that were

once out of focus.

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